Do you have it in you to be an excellent wedding planner?



If you choose to be a wedding planner, you should be prepared for the long working hours amidst people who are enjoying themselves. Despite all the glamour associated with wedding and trousseau shopping, you need to take valuable decisions for your client. Being a service based profession, you are expected to deliver the commitment that you have made to your client, even if you have to go an extra mile to do it in any weather.

A simple query would be, what are the special characteristics which are essential for you to be a good wedding planner? One of the most important qualities that would make you a best wedding planner is that you have to be a people person. You should be able to interact with people at all levels, understand their pulse and be able to interpret them properly. During a wedding project, you should quickly be able to identify various elements in the family like, who is the main decision maker of the family, who would be able to support you in your various activities. When you shrewdly identify these elements, your decision making process becomes very easy and you also receive support in your various activities, which you need to take as a wedding planner.

The next twin elements that you need to posses are being calm, collected in a highly stressed out situations. The wedding day of your client is a day, where you need to be prepared for major problems that would crop up from a single issue. You had heard from a senior wedding planner in Jaipur, who discussed with you during an initial wedding project that she had taken, the outdoor wedding location suddenly received heavy rains when the ceremony was about to begin . There was panic everywhere. She had the presence of mind to call up a shop owner and arranged for plastic shades in colorful colors to be bought in immediately, out of her own pocket and arranged it artistically across the outdoor location. This wedding changed everything for her and she became famous overnight.

If you are a wedding planner, you have to be a good negotiator, have excellent communication skills and make people listen to you when needed. Another friend, a wedding planner in Goa shared her experience with you as to how, she was caught up in a family fight, where the father wanted a traditional marriage and the couple wanted to enjoy a cruise wedding. Finally the couple with hard negotiation and a little bit of emotional blackmailing agreed to have a traditional wedding. There would be many times when you have to negotiate with your client, your sub vendors like the wedding decorator over rates. But in the end you should be able to convince them and negotiate the rate that you want. Many times your client might have a vague idea of what they want, but it is up to you to make them understand that this is the best choice available in the market.

As a wedding planner , you have to keep your personal preferences to yourself .You have to be the polished confident person ,that people feel confident to trust and approach to take their decisions regarding their wedding plans . It is a very fulfilling career, but you have to slog it out every day.

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